Blocked Toilet in Blackpool

Blocked Toilet in Blackpool

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Blocked Toilet in BlackpoolBlocked toilet in Blackpool? Well, it happens, doesn’t it? You are probably desperate to resolve the situation yourself in the privacy of your own home. If you only have one bathroom in the house, a clogged toilet constitutes an emergency. So you better get to work with that plunger. When that doesn’t work, straighten out a wire hanger and put a hook on the end and see if you can fish anything out. Better get some rubber gloves for that solution. There are some commercial solutions you can try when all else fails; they can take a while to work. It’s hard to read the directions with all that yelling and door pounding from impatient family members. Where does it say unclogging toilets is your job? 

As the wise decision maker in the family, you might want to call the professionals; Red Rose Drain Clearance. For us in Blackpool, blocked toilet is an emergency we respond to quickly. So instead of going through all the gyrations of unclogging the toilet yourself call us and we’ll make short work of your considerable inconvenience. Most of the time our high-pressure water jet solves the problem. However, sometimes, the problem is further down the line in the drain. We are fully equipped to manage any eventuality. Red Rose Drain Clearance is our family owned business and we’ve been established for over 23 years in the local area. We are available 24/7 to handle your emergency calls.

A blocked toilet in Blackpool has several avoidable causes that you can discuss with your family. One major cause is too much toilet paper at one time but most other causes are putting items in the toilet that should never be there. For whatever reason, toddlers are fascinated watching their toys swirl down the drain. Disposable diapers and wipes of course should never go into the toilet, yet it happens. So when it happens at your house, contact Red Rose Drain Clearance and save yourself a lot of time and aggravation. Our guys will respond with one of our truck-mounted high-pressure water jets to swiftly clear the clog. We are very careful to protect your floors on our way in and out.

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