Blocked Drains in Burnley

Blocked Drains in Burnley

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Blocked Drains in BurnleyOur professional service for blocked drains in Burnley is necessary for a number of reasons. Over time your pipes can become clogged with scale which is a deposit left on the walls of the pipes similar to plaque on the walls of the arteries in humans.  As is well known a blockage can be devastating both in the home and the human body. Clogging can also be caused by particles of dirt and detritus being washed down the plughole. If the material if fatty it can congeal in the pipes and effectively clog the system. Tree roots can slowly grow into a drain and slow or stop the flow of wastewater. Whatever your drainage problem may be, we can solve it affordably.

When you notice the water is slow running out of the sink in Burnley, blocked drains can be cleaned and this will improve the flow of water drainage. If you observe the flow slowing down do not leave it as it will eventually become completely blocked. This could cause the water to overflow and damage floors and cupboards. Toilets are part of the drainage system and can become blocked.  We specialise in all forms of drain and pipe cleaning. We use high-pressure water to clear some of the blockages, this is known as jetting. If breaks off the material clogging the pipes and washes it away.

We have been cleaning blocked drains in Burnley for over 23 years. Contact Red Rose Drain Clearance today and arrange for our team to visit your home or factory. We deal with both domestic and commercial drainage problems. Our Chief Engineer has over 30 years of experience in the drainage industry and can resolve any problem you may have. Our engineers are all qualified plumbers who know their way around the various systems. We also carry out mortgage surveys for people buying or selling a home. This is important as a new drainage system could cost a lot. We have a drain CCTV to see inside the drains and make sure there are no broken pipes and identify what may be restricting the flow of water in your drains.

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