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Blocked Toilet in BurnleyWe know that when you have a blocked toilet in Burnley you want to remove the clog yourself. It’s just not the sort of problem you feel comfortable sharing with anybody else. That is especially true when you’re not sure what is causing the clog. When you ask the kids if they flushed anything they shouldn’t have, you are met with wide eyed denial. Here’s the thing; clogged toilets happen to everyone sooner or later. It’s just plumbing to us at Red Rose Drain Clearance. And, it’s part of our job. We keep the drains that lead from your home to the main clear so water can flow freely. We have the equipment right on our trucks. High pressure water jets make short work of most blocked toilets. They are very powerful, dislodging most anything.

High power water jet systems work on most clogged drains by using the force of the water. In Burnley, blocked toilet drains, sinks, bathtubs and more will respond to the force of the jets. So don’t waste your time and energy trying to unclog that blocked toilet yourself. If you don’t get it with the first few plunges, call us. When we arrive, we run the water jet hose from our truck to your toilet drain. We’re careful not to track in dirt or water. In fact, usually we leave no sign we’ve been there except your free flowing toilet. Rarely do we have to go in after a blockage. But if we do, we can use our closed circuit camera to identify the location of the blockage.

For us to clear a blocked toilet in Burnley using our quick efficient high power water jet system is just £50, plus VAT. The blockage is gone, we’re gone and there’s no sign we were even there. We guarantee all of our work. We want happy satisfied customers. So next time your toilet is blocked, contact Red Rose Drain Clearance. As a local, family run business, we have been established for more than 23 years. We specialise in all drainage problems, within your home or building and outside from your building to the main. We also install new drainage systems and carry out repairs.

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