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unblocking sinks in PrestonAre you looking for help unblocking sinks in Preston? Most of us were told while kids not to put anything down that drain except water. The list of things we were not to put down the drain was bacon grease, coffee grounds, egg shells and hair. Still, bits of this and that slip through, especially the laundry room sink. No worries about bacon grease or coffee grounds for that sink. However we do use the laundry room sink for that which we would not use the kitchen sink. That is where we clean the paint brushes, wash the heating grates, clean the oven racks, scrub our shoes and bathe the dog. It’s the same sink we use to repot plants and conduct science experiments. When we finish with the mop bucket of dirty water it goes down the laundry room sink; except when it can’t.

Junior is probably very careful when cleaning the fish tank but like all household tasks, a little gravel finds its way into the drain. That’s why, for busy families in Preston, unblocking sinks is a big problem unless you know who to call. At Red Rose Drain Clearance, our trucks are ready to roll 24/7 to unclog your drain. We have all the equipment and knowledge to clear your drain of accumulated debris. We are a well-known and respected company that handles a lot of commercial drain clearing, drain tile repair and laying new drain tiles. However, we still focus on our domestic customers. Your blocked sink drain is just as important as any other job in our line of business.

You can spend a lot of money on harsh chemical drain opening products for unblocking sinks in Preston. You may also go ahead and wrench the drain trap off without knowing what or how much debris will come spilling out. After all that you may still have a blocked sink drain and a mess to clean up. Contact Red Rose Drain Clearance and we will make a short clean job of unblocking your sink even in an emergency. These things never wait for a convenient time that’s why we are on call around the clock. We think you will like our family owned customer service values and our reasonable rates.

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