Unblocking Sinks in Burscough

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Unblocking Sinks in BurscoughYour birthday breakfast was delicious … but now you need a specialist for unblocking sinks in Burscough. The kids did a fine job of cooking bacon and eggs but they seem to have taken some short cuts when cleaning up. Now the sink is clogged. It’s noon on a Sunday afternoon and who is there to help? Maybe some drain cleaner. That’s not working. Try hot water down the drain. No. There’s just a sink full of hot water. It can’t hurt to call a drain clearance service. At least your voice mail will be there first thing Monday morning. Maybe they will come out the same day.

You will be delighted when someone answers the phone at Red Rose Drain Clearance. In Burscough, unblocking sinks is one of our services. We have emergency service on call twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. We will come out and clear the drain in a short time. It will be an educational experience for the kids. They will learn that grease in a drain forms a ball that creates a blockage. They will also learn that coffee grounds grow while sitting in water and fill the drain pipe. Egg shells will gather in the elbow of the drain pipe, and will stop the flow of water.

Red Rose Drain Clearance is the company to call for unblocking sinks in Burscough and the surrounding area. As we are well established with 23 years in the business, we will make clearing the sink blockage seem so easy because we are experienced and have the right equipment for the job. We prove that customer service is important by accepting emergency calls. We also clear and repair large commercial drain systems using closed circuit T.V. and huge equipment. However, we will still come to your house and unblock your kitchen, bath or toilet drains. Contact Red Rose Drain Clearance for help with unblocking sinks. If there is no obvious reason for drains not working properly, we will troubleshoot, find and repair the problem. If your drains are bubbling and gurgling you know who to call.

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