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Drainage Problems in Burscough

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Drainage Problems in BurscoughWe have the solution to your drainage problems in Burscough. Obstacles can block the flow of water from the many drains in your home. The blockage can occur in one individual drainpipe or, it can be in the large drainpipe leading from your house to the main. Bathroom toilets, sinks, bathtubs, showers, washing machines, dishwashers, kitchen sinks and maybe sump pumps all must have free flowing drains to carry away wastewater. That’s a lot of drainpipes in one house. And yet, people often seem surprised when one becomes blocked. We would be surprised if you make it through a year without at least one clogged drain somewhere in the house.

In most events, clogged drains are caused by a foreign object escaping down the drain, grease that’s been collecting other matter for a while and soap scum hair balls. For those of you in Burscough, drainage problems may never go further down the drain than the elbow pipe. But when it does, it gets more difficult for the homeowner to find and eliminate. So you take the elbow pipe off and find the clog isn’t there. Then, you buy a bunch of chemicals and pour those down the drain, with little to no success. A week later and company is coming for dinner so you now have to get this drain cleared. That’s when you call us. We have a fleet of vehicle mounted high-pressure water jetters. We fire it up, protect your floors and run the hose into your home. Then using carefully managed pressure, dislodge the clog and send it on out to the main.

It’s that simple and your drainage problems in Burscough are solved in a short time at an incredibly low price. We could have done that a week ago and saved you that mess under the sink and the price of all those chemicals. You know that elbow joint you removed and replaced is leaking now, right? We offer an emergency call out service that is available 24/7 and 365 days a year. Contact us when you experience a clogged drain. In the event the clog is elusive, we can find it with our CCTV. If it turns out to be outside your house, we can find it and the cause. We’ll make any necessary repairs to the drain pipe or replace it if needed.

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