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Sink Unblocker in Wigan

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Sink Unblocker in WiganYou may need the services of a sink unblocker in Wigan if you are battling with a sink that will not drain. Perhaps you’ve tried different drain cleaners or poked at the drain yourself. It is likely that you have an obstruction in the drain causing the blockage. The most common cause of a blocked sink is grease and fat. Endless washing of dishes and pouring fat from cooking down the drain is likely the cause. The fat hardens and causes the drain to clog. We have both the experience and the equipment to clear the detritus that has collected in the pipes.

At times, it is not a build-up of grease that causes the blockage. In Wigan, a sink unblocker will check in order to ascertain if it is not something else causing the blockage. Roots can grow into pipes and block off the water flow. Thus, this could cause crushed or broken pipes. Should it be necessary, we can also use our CCTV cameras that go into the pipes and find the cause of the blockage. If we can remove it without having to dig up the pipe, we will. Furthermore, if you are buying or selling a house it is always a good idea to have us do a mortgage survey on the property drainage. As such, we jet and clean commercial drains as well as domestic drains and install and clean septic tanks.

A sink unblocker in Wigan will ensure that the drains are clear and draining correctly. If you need the services of an expert, please contact Red Rose Drain Clearance. We’re a family run business with over 23 years’ experience in all aspects of drain clearance and plumbing.  We subscribe to a traditional set of customer service values. Moreover, our staff has attended extensive training. Our work is fully guaranteed. There is no need to suffer from the inconvenience of a blocked sink. We also offer a 24-hour emergency call-out service. Our expert team ensures that your drains are in perfect working order as quickly as possible.

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