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emergency drain cleaning in PrestonWe offer emergency drain cleaning in Preston 24/7 for all domestic and commercial customers. When confronted by a blocked drain, it’s common for people to try every solution they learned about while growing up. It’s interesting that they feel the need to do it themselves because it’s an emergency. They think they don’t have time to wait for a repairman and they’re worried about the cost. They rush out to buy rods and liquid drain openers and pour all that into the clogged drain. That’s stuff is not so cheap either. When the result is a drain that is stilled clogged, do-it-yourself may turn out to be the most expensive. If it’s truly an emergency, home remedies will likely be the slowest solution.

We hope you will keep our contact information close by in the event you have an emergency at any hour of any day. In Preston, emergency drain cleaning for domestic drains, jetted and cleared is £ 50 plus VAT. Commercial drains, jetted and cleared is £70 plus VAT. We respond quickly and you are back in operation with no mess or fuss. Now, if it turns out the clog is not in the inside drain but drain pipe leading away from your building, we will figure that out right away and locate the clog. We might have to do some digging and repair some tile work but we’ll get water flowing freely again and guarantee the work and materials. Our technicians are able to get the job done with a minimum of disruption to your daily operations.

Emergency drain cleaning in Preston is carried out using the latest technologies by our own experienced engineers. We maintain a fleet of trailer mounted high-pressure jets that makes a fast, clean job of drain clearance. If a clogged drain is causing hardship within your household then it’s an emergency. If the clogged toilet is the only toilet or the kitchen sink is clogged and you are expecting guests for dinner, that’s an emergency. Contact us any time of any day or night and we will respond quickly to your emergency. We think you’ll find our solution more effective with less hassle than trying to do it yourself.

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