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Drainage Problem in Preston

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Drainage Problem in PrestonIf you are experiencing a drainage problem in Preston, Red Rose Drain Clearance can find the cause. The trouble spot is not always obvious. If just your bathtub is draining slowly then likely the problem lies somewhere between the drain in your bathroom and your main drain. We can easily clear that for you. It may be as simple as removing the elbow trap and removing the clog. Nine out of ten times we’re going to find a soapy hair ball gumming up the works. Avoid this by using a hair trap in your bath. Now, if all the drains in your house are running slow then we’ll probably find the clog in your main drain, probably before it connects to the sewer line. We use small video cameras to inspect along the drain lines and locate the culprit. Think the missing socks from the washing machine or the toy boat your toddler was floating in the toilet.

When we find nothing in the inside drain or your main drain leading out of the house, we may have to do a little digging in your yard. In Preston, drainage problems are usually your responsibility as far as the street and from there, it’s the city’s problem. So those socks or that boat might have made it through your main and go hung up on a crack in the sewer line. Or, as trees on your property have grown and spread their roots they may have invaded and broken the main line. We would have to dig that up and make repairs. New tile and pipe might be needed. We are equipped to handle any size job.

There are many types of drainage problem in Preston other than household. If every time it rains you end up with a lake in your front yard then you have a drainage problem that needs attention. Perhaps before your house was built the groundwork was not carried out properly. Ground water has to have somewhere to go. We have many years of experience in keeping the water flowing in the right direction. Contact us with any drainage problems from a clogged toilet to an overflowing septic system. We can handle it.

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