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Drainage Problem in BoltonAt Red Rose Drain Clearance we have probably seen your drainage problem in Bolton before; likely more than once. After 23 years in business, we like to think we’ve seen it all. Then we get a call and find out there is still more to see. The mechanics of how a drain system is designed to work correctly has escaped a few people who have undertaken the task of moving water away from their property. Often their method is based on gravity which is sensible; everybody knows water runs downhill. We often find their mistake is in the degree of the gravitational slope. If it’s not steep enough for the volume of water it reaches level and water starts flowing back onto the property and into the house.  It needs a pump. The drainage tile may need clearing of obstructions as well.

Of course, even with the use of gravity and a pump the water has to go somewhere and again if the volume of water is great a flooded area at the base of the slope results. Now in some areas in Bolton, a drainage problem like that is fixed when landowners dig a retention pond to hold the water, especially in highly populated areas. That works until the volume of water becomes too great and the pond overflows and rises to the level where it can again flood the house. The pond needs a pump to push water into a local sewer system that carries it away.

The moral of our story is this; a drainage problem in Bolton can be avoided. Contact us before you buy that property. We’ll tell you how your drainage should be laid out for this particular plot of land to avoid flooding. If the land is flat and low, you don’t want to take chances with an inadequate drainage system. We see homes where this has happened and their sump pumps run night and day and still a heavy rain will result in flooding. Our team is highly trained and experienced. We will be more than happy to assist you with a drainage problem.

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