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Drainage Problem in BoltonA drainage problem in Bolton is a huge headache for homeowners as the ponding of water against a home can result in damp damage to the foundations as well as the walls. That is not the only problem, however. Your shower, wash-hand basin and toilet all empty into the same waste pipe, flowing into the sewers and treatment works. Blockages in these pipes can mean the water not draining away properly and actually coming back up in your sink, toilet or bath. If you cannot clear the blockage yourself, at Red Rose Drain Clearance, we’re specialists, and with our decades of experience and highly training staff, we’ll make quick and light work of your drainage problems.

We offer our services to both domestic and commercial customers. In Bolton, drainage problems are sorted out by using the most up to date technology. We’re a family run business with a chief engineer- as well as drainage engineers who still believe in doing things the old way – professionally, enthusiastically and properly. We make sure that all our work is guaranteed too. Our team makes use of high-pressure jetters for those high volume jetting operations and this ensures the job gets done quickly and efficiently. We also offer an emergency drain clearing service. Should you have a problem with an overflowing drain, don’t hesitate to call us. We are available for emergencies.

A drainage problem in Bolton doesn’t have to mean waiting for the weekend to be over. We operate 24/7 and we’ve got all the skills to unblock blocked drains. Our customers appreciate that we don’t have to resort to 3rd parties to do the work we should be doing. Contact Red Rose Drain Clearance today if you have a drainage problem and would like it seen to. We offer a wide range of drainage services, and we work in such a way that minimal disruption is experienced. Don’t sit with drainage problems when you have the services of the professionals at your disposal.

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