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Drain Unblocker in BurscoughAt Red Rose we have seen many products used as a drain unblocker in Burscough. Some of these products can be expensive and yet they don’t get the job done. Those products usually contain harsh chemicals that are not good for you to breathe in while using and could damage your plumbing. When your drain is blocked the culprit is usually formed from multiple components of congealed fat, and other foodstuffs. It’s probably been growing for a while and it’s securely lodged in the elbow of a pipe. That’s the kitchen but in the bathtub the tie that binds a blockage together is usually hair. We’ve known customers to try for days to unblock a drain using all sorts of commercial and homemade products. Finally they call and we use the power of water pressure to blast it away. It’s so much unnecessary aggravation.

The household pets are often the reason in Burscough, drain unblocker services from us are needed. Some cat owners like to keep the litter box in a bathroom because it’s convenient to clean it after each use by your cat. You just scoop the poop and dispose of it in the toilet. Flush and it’s gone. Each time you do that, litter goes with it and on its way through the pipe it grows larger and larger as it absorbs water. You can end up with a loggerjam of what looks like a wet cardboard ball. We’ll use our water pressure to break up and move the clog but if you’re on a septic system it could turn into a major project if repeated frequently.

We recommend not bathing your pet in your laundry tub to avoid the need for a drain unblocker in Burscough. For some reason people think that laundry tub drains have powers the other sink drains in the house do not. If you must bathe them there anyway instead of in a backyard wading pool use a serious drain screen. After bathing, clean the drain thoroughly. Contact Red Rose Drain Clearance for any slow moving or blocked drains. Our rates are very reasonable and we can keep the disruption of your household to a minimum while we flush the drains.

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