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Drain Construction in PrestonThe purpose of drain construction in Preston is to carry water away from your home to a lower elevation where it can be contained or dispersed. The work is underground so no one gives it much thought until septic tanks back up into your property or water floods your basement. Municipalities are watchful of the main drains that carry water from homes because they know what a breakdown will cost in labour and clean up. But it’s not unusual for a family to move into a home and live there twenty years without a drainage incident. Drainage tiles don’t break, roots don’t penetrate the drain causing a blockage and city drains never back up into your basement. It’s a good system which is why homeowners panic when those incidents do occur. They often don’t know who to call first or how to make it stop.

We should be your first call. In Preston, drain construction is one of services. We’re equipped to quickly assess the cause and location of the blockage and back-up, stop the flow and make the repairs. Our twenty-three years of experience includes extensive knowledge of domestic, commercial and industrial work. Sometimes, the best thing to do is lay new drain tile where none has been before. Other times, that drain tile has been there for fifty years and is broken, blocked with dirt and tree roots; it causes all kinds of problems once the water can’t drain away anymore. We can scan the whole drain route and know exactly what’s going on underground.

Some whose basements take on water during heavy rains may need drain construction in Preston in addition to a sump pump. Folks will sometimes install a sump pump at the lowest point of the basement. The theory being gravity will force the water to the lowest point and the pump will pump the water out through a pipe away from the house. Truthfully, the only way to assure the basement stays dry, with no seepage, is usually the installation of a drain tile system under the basement floor. That is not as hard as it sounds. Contact us with all your questions and concerns concerning the efficiency of your drain system. We’ll get to the root of your drainage problems. We’re glad to offer that service.

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