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These guys will go the extra mile. I called them at 9.30 on a Monday morning after we experienced a sewage smell in our kitchen. They where at my door at 12.15 THE SAME DAY. The two lads checked every manhole cover and found that the one by the kitchen was heavily blocked. They worked very hard and where determined to clear the blockage. They completely cleared every drain and gulley within one hour using high a pressure water system. From a price point of view (only £60 all in) these guys are worth their weight in gold. Very professional, polite and cleaned up after they had finished. Recommend? Without hesitation. Cheers guys. Like

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Drain Construction in Bolton

Drain Construction in Bolton

Posted on April 19, 2017 by Dave Neary

Drain Construction in BoltonDrain construction in Bolton is necessary to have house that is free from rot, mould and damp. In other words, building a drain will lead to a structure that will remain sturdy and dry for years to come. Drains have been a part of human civilisation for years. We’ve relied upon them to remove rain water and waste water. Modern day drains are used for the same reasons but are built according to specific rules, regulations and guidelines. Many parts of the UK experience heavy rainfall and rising levels of groundwater. This threatens the foundation of many homes and can lead to serious flooding issues. Professional drain construction is one of the best solutions for this problem.

For homes located in Bolton, drain construction is offered by Red Rose Drain Clearance. Our team offers a wide range of drain related services using the most updated technology. Whether you require emergency drain clearance or to unblock a toilet, we can provide assistance immediately for both domestic and commercial properties. As a leading drainage services provider, we operate a large fleet of trailer-mounted van pack jetters, high-pressure water jetters and lorry mounted jetters for large volume jetting tasks. This causes minimal disruption to the business or home and the service is available 24/7.  Our staff is thoroughly trained and experienced. We never hire third parties to complete a job. Our company understands that a blocked sink or clogged toilet can occur at any time and most often occurs at the most inopportune moments. We are one of the few companies who make ourselves available for such times.

Avoid future flooding and foundation issues by opting for drain construction in Bolton. Give Red Rose Drain Clearance a call today. Our service repertoire includes unblocking sinks and unclogging toilets, clearing and jetting domestic drains, CCTV inspections, mortgage surveys, clearing and jetting commercial drains, drain repairs, land drainage and septic tank cleaning and installation. Don’t simply flush the issue out of your mind!

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