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These guys will go the extra mile. I called them at 9.30 on a Monday morning after we experienced a sewage smell in our kitchen. They where at my door at 12.15 THE SAME DAY. The two lads checked every manhole cover and found that the one by the kitchen was heavily blocked. They worked very hard and where determined to clear the blockage. They completely cleared every drain and gulley within one hour using high a pressure water system. From a price point of view (only £60 all in) these guys are worth their weight in gold. Very professional, polite and cleaned up after they had finished. Recommend? Without hesitation. Cheers guys. Like

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Drain Cleaning in Chorley

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Posted on December 5, 2018 by Dave Neary

Drain Cleaning in Chorley Ensure safety and hygiene with timely drain cleaning in Chorley. Red Rose Drain Clearance can make sure that you never face emergencies like clogged drains and blocked toilets. We have more than two decades’ experience in running our own family business and dealing domestic and commercial drain services. Blocked sinks in your kitchen and bath are not just inconvenient, they can flood the room and cause serious damage and health concerns. This is a nasty situation where you have dirty water loaded with bacteria flooding the place and soaking everything. You could also have a lingering foul odour problem for weeks afterwards, if the place is not properly cleaned out and well dried. Prevent all these with our efficient services.

For homes in Chorley, drain cleaning is required due to various reasons. Blocked drains are caused by build-up of grime and cleaning products. The most common reasons are hair, plants and natural debris clogging outdoor chambers and drains, grease and oil in the kitchen drains and pipes, toiletries and cosmetics, nappies, and baby wipes. Apart from these, your drains can get blocked or damaged due to extreme heat and cold, storms, and heavy rain. It’s important to clear your drains of dead leaves and twigs so that there is a smooth flow of water through these channels. Tree roots can also damage water pipes and block them. Sediment build up inside the pipes can cause slow flow of water in your taps, indicating build-up of minerals and salts inside the pipes. If you have children in the house, their dropping foreign objects or toys into the toilet can cause blocks.

Drain cleaning in Chorley should be undertaken by professionals who use the right equipment to locate and identify the problem. Remember that drains can take a long time to get blocked, so you may not realise what’s happening till they get completely clogged. Look out for symptoms like slow drainage, unpleasant smells, and strange sounds.  For professional drain cleaning, contact Red Rose Drain Clearance. Once this is done, we use the appropriate techniques and products to clear them.

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