Clogged Toilet in Bamber Bridge

Blocked Toilet in Alderley Edge

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Clogged Toilet in Bamber BridgeThere could be several different causes for your clogged toilet in Bamber Bridge. Perhaps there is not enough water flow in the toilet, especially if you have an old low flow toilet. The first ones on the market in the early to mid-1990’s used less water resulting in an ineffective flush. Sometimes the U shaped trap gets clogged or if that’s clear the pipe itself may be clogged. In some instances, the water line is in need of replacing. However, the number one reason for a clogged toilet is trying to flush the unflushables. Large amounts of toilet paper is a major culprit, especially among young children. First time mums are often surprised to find their toddlers like floating toys in the toilet bowl and they never tire of pulling the flush handle.

In addition, we at Red Rose Drain Clearance recommend brushing the dog outside where you are not tempted to dispose of it down the toilet. In Bamber Bridge, a clogged toilet may result if Kitty’s litter box scoopings bound with litter go into the toilet bowl. Chances are sooner or later you will experience a clogged toilet. Your first clue will probably be a flooded bathroom floor. You can plunge the toilet yourself and that may be enough to dislodge the blockage and let the water flow. When the plunger doesn’t do the job, Red Rose Drain Clearance has the know-how and equipment to open the drain.

Red Rose Drain Clearance can be there quickly when you have a clogged toilet in Bamber Bridge. We are family owned and operated for over 30 years and our customers know they can rely on our guaranteed work. Contact Red Rose Drain Clearance for domestic or commercial drain problems for a quick response and a quick solution. We have efficient high-pressure water jets that will have everything back in order and we’re on call 24/7 for emergency help when you need us. Whenever possible avoid toilet clogs by following the procedures for use recommended by the manufacturers. It is designed to clog so inappropriate materials do not get into the drainage pipes and cause extensive damage.

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