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CCTV Drain Survey in PrestonA CCTV drain survey in Preston is a vital service for all residential and commercial buildings. Imagine you’ve planned a big celebration at your home. Guests are about to arrive when suddenly you notice your drain is backing up. What a conundrum to face just before a party! The reality of the matter is your drains were probably very slow-moving or sluggish before they backed up. Had you noticed them behaving like this before, you would’ve tried conventional methods such as using chemicals to unclog the drain. Unfortunately, this is a temporary solution at best. A backed-up drain is a serious problem. It can only be resolved if you figure you figure out where the blockage is. This is where Red Rose Drain Clearance can help!

For blocked drains in Preston, CCTV drain surveys are the best course of action. Using these special cameras, we’ll be able to pinpoint where the blockage is occurring and what is causing it! CCTV cameras enable us to expediently survey both septic and drainage lines. We channel the CCTV camera using a drainpipe. As this camera pipe delves deeper and deeper into the sewage pipe, we will receive live footage feedback on our monitor. Imagine, you get to see what’s going on underground! With this simple service, you will get back valuable information which can save you a lot of frustration, grief and not to mention money. We no longer have to dig up large portions of drain tile to figure out where the blockage is occurring, thanks to our cameras.

Know once and for all what’s causing your drains to block with a CCTV drain survey in Preston. Contact Red Rose Drain Clearance today for a CCTV drain survey. We offer an emergency service, so if your drain gives problems at an inopportune time, feel free to contact us. We’re also experts at unblocking toilets, draining land and installing septic tanks.As the old adage states, ‘prevention is better than cure’. Nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to drains. Our CCTV drain surveys should be a part of your preventative maintenance programme.

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