CCTV Drain Survey in Ormskirk Helps Find the Source of the Problem

CCTV Drain Survey in Maghull

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CCTV Drain Survey in OrmskirkTechnology is a wonderful tool especially for a CCTV drain survey in Ormskirk. We haven’t had to dig up the whole property to find a blockage very often. But we still remember the look on a customer’s face when informed we had to dig until we find it. So, if you notice the basement drain is backing up there is likely a blockage in the pipe leading to the main. It’s good to be able to find out where that blockage is because if it’s beyond your property line and into city property, the cost for repairs is not yours. That’s not an uncommon occurrence, especially in the older sections of town. Who knows how long ago that drain tile was laid? Besides, where once there were no large trees maybe now there are.

Large tall trees have large deep roots that can wrap around and cause cracks in pipes and tile. In Ormskirk, a CCTV drain survey may show us exactly where in the pipe that blockage is. Whether or not it’s your responsibility, we may only need to dig in one small section. We can make the repairs and cover it over again. If you have a septic tank and you notice the ground around and over it getting marshy, you have, minimum, a leak. You may even smell it. We might have to dig up the whole tank to make the repairs. But if a CCTV drain survey reveals a break in the pipe leading to the field, that’s an easier fix. It’s good to know that first before we start digging.

Schedule a CCTV drain survey in Ormskirk before you notice any problems. We can do that for you at a very low cost and you can rest easy knowing everything is in good shape. Do that once a year and you will win the homeowner maintenance award of the year. It’s good if our cameras find a trouble spot early on. We can clear it easily before it causes real damage. Contact us if you suspect exit drains backing up and we will weave our camera in and get a good look at the condition of your drains. This technology can save us a lot of time and labour and therefore save you a lot of money. It’s just easier to fix when you can see where the problem is.

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