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CCTV Drain Survey in BurnleyYou may need to schedule a CCTV drain survey in Burnley if things are a little sluggish at your house. This technology is a great deal of time and money in most cases. If you’re getting water back up in the basement you want to know if the blockage is on your property side or the street side. Either way the goal is to locate it, clear it and make any necessary repairs. Depending on how much water your basement is taking on, it could be an emergency. So we dig to the pipe, put our Peep n See camera in and hopefully we’ll be able to see the location of the blockage on our screen. It could take more than one try but isn’t this much better than digging a trench through your garden and flower beds to expose the pipeline? This is quicker.

Once the section of pipe containing the blockage is cleared, water can flow freely again. In Burnley, CCTV drain survey will reveal if the pipe is damaged. We’ll be prepared to make the repairs right away. CCTV is a great tool for locating blockages but it’s also an asset we use for preventative maintenance service. A CCTV survey of domestic or commercial drain pipes is an inexpensive way to avoid big repairs. We put the camera in your pipes on a regular basis to make sure they are clear. The camera will reveal if anything is in the way to act as a catalyst to trap debris. Scheduling our drain survey will give you peace of mind that all is moving as it should.

We offer a full service and emergency service including CCTV drain survey in Burnley. Our trucks are equipped with pressure tanks for jetting domestic and commercial drains. Need new drain tile installed or existing tile repaired? Our experienced staff will undertake the project at competitive rates. Ours is a local, family owned company, well established for over twenty years. Our highly trained and experienced staff inspires the trust and confidence you expect for a job well done. Contact Red Rose Drain Clearance any time. Our phone is answered 24/7 all year long. We can make short work of a blocked drain any time of the day or night.

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