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Blocked Toilet in OrmskirkYou may have a blocked toilet in Ormskirk and you don’t know why. You replaced your outdated low flow toilet that clogged up frequently; the one you had to flush four times in a row. You have done away with wet wipes in your bathroom since they are slow to disintegrate causing clogs in the J trap. That’s a problem in a frequently used family toilet. You have placed a large waste receptacle in your bathroom to discourage family members from tossing Q-Tips, cotton balls and packaging down the toilet. You even posted a graphic depicting the foolishness of taking hair wads from the bathtub drain catcher and throwing them in the toilet. Hair likes to combine with cotton balls and wet wipes to create a big ball. Your house is clear of toddlers, so what is causing a clog that even your new state-of-the-art plunger can’t move?

When you have a blocked toilet that household methods can’t move call us at Red Rose Drain Clearance. For some in Ormskirk, blocked toilet may mean a bigger problem. It could be a clog further along the sewer line. The backup has likely been building. Another factor is roots penetrating a cracked or broken line. The result is serious and can cause unsanitary backups into your home. The line will have to be dug up and replaced if there’s a break. Otherwise, we can likely reach the clog with our high powered water jets. Sometimes a blocked toilet results from a blocked roof vent. The roof vent helps increase flushing pressure but if it’s blocked, you may not have enough pressure to push waste along the pipe. We have the equipment and training to safely access the roof vents and clear them for proper air flow.

When a plunger won’t do the job call us for a blocked toilet in Ormskirk. We know you don’t like calling others in for this task and the smell may be off putting but we are professionals and it’s part of the job. One clogged drain is like most any other to us and we are equipped to make short work of most ordinary clogged toilets. At the first sign of blockage issues, especially if it’s a frequently recurring issue, contact Red Rose Drain Clearance. We’ll get your toilet unclogged and check for signs of a larger problem. We operate a 24/7 emergency service so call especially if water is backing up in your home.

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