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These guys will go the extra mile. I called them at 9.30 on a Monday morning after we experienced a sewage smell in our kitchen. They where at my door at 12.15 THE SAME DAY. The two lads checked every manhole cover and found that the one by the kitchen was heavily blocked. They worked very hard and where determined to clear the blockage. They completely cleared every drain and gulley within one hour using high a pressure water system. From a price point of view (only £60 all in) these guys are worth their weight in gold. Very professional, polite and cleaned up after they had finished. Recommend? Without hesitation. Cheers guys. Like

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Blocked Toilet in Chorley

Blocked Toilet in Chorley

Posted on October 12, 2018 by Dave Neary

Blocked Toilet in ChorleyOh, the headache that comes about from a blocked toilet in Chorley. The toilet, if you will, is a necessary evil. It has become the way to rid ourselves of waste in a more systematic and almost hygienic manner. Toilets were invented a long time ago when people sought better ways of disposing of human waste, especially as the human race began to live more and more in cities rather than scattered rural villages. The modern toilet is therefore a version that has been found to be most effective after many years of experimentation with different methods and styles of waste disposal.

For home owners in Chorley, it can be very frustrating to have a blocked toilet. This can come about through the impaction of waste in the toilet bowl that may, in turn, result in blockages within the pipes. People may also throw items that are not easily flushed into the toilet bowl. These items may include such things as too much toilet paper, food and large objects. Some have even been known to throw diapers into the toilet. All of these, and more, become stuck when you try to flush them down the bowl, which brings about a backing up, thus resulting in a blocked toilet. Foe everyone that has encountered them, the consensus is that having to deal with blocked toilets is quite the unpleasant thought in the abstract and task in the practical.

Remedy your blocked toilet in Chorley when you contact Red Rose Drain Clearance. We are a business that is family run and has been trading for more than 20 years. Our team members are well trained in dealing with drainage concerns of all types. When you come to us, we make sure to understand the full scope of the issue before undertaking any corrective work. This ensures that the problem you are encountering with your blocked toilet is dealt with in a comprehensive manner. When you work with us, you will see that recurring drainage problems will become a thing of the past.

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