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as soonBlocked Toilet in BoltonA blocked toilet in Bolton is a huge inconvenience, especially when you are expecting guests to arrive later in the day. If all the conventional methods do not work, it is time to use the services of expert drain cleaners. Give us a call, we offer a 24 hour emergency service. As a family business with more than 23 years of experience in the industry, we are the number 1 drain clearance company to call when you have a blocked toilet emergency. With our highly trained team, fully guaranteed work and current equipment, we are on hand to assist.

If the water in your toilet does not want to flush down in Bolton, a blocked toilet is likely the cause. The most common cause of a blocked toilet is toilet paper. When too much toilet paper is used and dumped for a single flush, it can cause a blocked toilet. Some toilet paper doesn’t dissolve easily and the build-up over time causes the blockage. Sometimes kids are the culprits. Children seem to enjoy putting things, quite often food and toys, into the toilet and flushing them down. No matter who the culprit is, a blocked toilet is awful. Give us a ring as soon as you need our services. We’ll send a team to ensure the blockage is removed and your toilet flushes normally.

Clearing a blocked toilet in Bolton is one of the services we offer. Using the most up to date technology, we are happy to provide a range of drainage services. If your home has a blocked toilet and you require immediate assistance, contact Red Rose Drain Clearance. Our team uses a fleet of different high pressure water jetters to remove any blockages. This includes the trailer mounted van pack jetters, and lorry mounted jetters for high volume jetting operations. The jetters ensure the job is done quickly and efficiently. They also ensure that there is as little disruption to your home or business as possible. We are happy to say that we won’t be beaten on price or service. Offering a 24 hour emergency service, we are reliable and efficient and can be contacted for any emergency drainage problem.

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