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Blocked Drains in WiganThe company that can unblock blocked drains in Wigan is Red Rose Drain Clearance. It’s a good idea to call us sooner rather than later if possible. However, we’ll come out and power out drain blockages at any time and any day. If you notice the sink draining more slowly or you’re standing in 6 inches of water while showering, don’t wait until those drains are completely blocked to call us. Pouring that stuff down the drain guaranteed to dissolve any clog is a waste of time and money. Really, nothing safe is going to dissolve gobs of hair stuck together with gummy soap build-up that starts in the trap and grows bigger each day. Sometimes it’s held in place by a tiny hair clip or part of a bandage. Nothing is going to move that out the drain pipes but the force of our water jet.

Some people think it’s okay to pour grease down the drain as long as you follow it with hot soapy water. In Wigan, blocked drains caused by grease is probably in the top ten reasons husbands and wives fight. Even if nobody sees you scrub that frying pan and let the grease and bacon bits go down with the soapy water, it counts. You can get away with it for a while. But each time a little more grease gets congealed and that little ball grabs more bits as they go by. Then somebody lets the cold water run and suddenly, nothing is going down that drain anymore. At least, not until our guys bring the truck with the power hose and flush it out of your drain system.

We are on call 24 hours because blocked drains in Wigan like to solidify during meal preparations for special dinners or holidays. By then everybody is in crisis mode. You may be able to prevent that scenario. Contact us during normal hours when you notice a slow moving drain. Once we’ve cleared your drains we suggest you replace drain screens, an inexpensive item, with tight fitting screens. Block everything from going down the drain except water. Clean your frying pan after the fat has congealed so you can scrape it all out before putting it in your sink of hot soapy water. Just a thought. We’re here for you whenever you need us.

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