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Posted by Dave Neary

Blocked Drains in WiganThe company that can unblock blocked drains in Wigan is Red Rose Drain Clearance. It’s a good idea to call us sooner rather than later if possible. However, we’ll come out and power out drain blockages at any time and any day. If you notice the sink draining more slowly or you’re standing in 6 inches of water while showering, don’t wait until those drains are completely blocked to call us. Pouring that stuff down the drain guaranteed to dissolve any clog is a waste of time and money. Really, nothing safe is going to dissolve gobs of hair stuck together with gummy soap build-up that starts in the trap and grows bigger each day. Sometimes it’s held in place by a tiny hair clip or part of a bandage. Nothing is going to move that out the drain pipes but the force of our water jet.

Some people think it’s okay to pour grease down the drain as long as you follow it with hot soapy water. In Wigan, blocked drains caused by grease is probably in the top ten reasons husbands and wives fight. Even if nobody sees you scrub that frying pan and let the grease and bacon bits go down with the soapy water, it counts. You can get away with it for a while. But each time a little more grease gets congealed and that little ball grabs more bits as they go by. Then somebody lets the cold water run and suddenly, nothing is going down that drain anymore. At least, not until our guys bring the truck with the power hose and flush it out of your drain system.

We are on call 24 hours because blocked drains in Wigan like to solidify during meal preparations for special dinners or holidays. By then everybody is in crisis mode. You may be able to prevent that scenario. Contact us during normal hours when you notice a slow moving drain. Once we’ve cleared your drains we suggest you replace drain screens, an inexpensive item, with tight fitting screens. Block everything from going down the drain except water. Clean your frying pan after the fat has congealed so you can scrape it all out before putting it in your sink of hot soapy water. Just a thought. We’re here for you whenever you need us.

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I contacted Red Rose as another plumber had let me down. Dave was very professional and both arrived the next morning as planned. Sorted the blockage and we had a laugh too. Both were great and would definitely recommend them.

- Kay


I called this company because they were highly recommended to me by my plumber. They came out on short notice to sort a blocked foul drain. Very nice guys and resolved the problem quickly and for a good price. Thank you!

- Kirsty Forrester


Job was made difficult by poor drains and plumbing work that had been done originally. Despite the issues caused by previous shoddy work, the lads worked out how to get round the problem and get the blocked waste flowing again. Highly recommended. Arrived when promised and explained at each step what they were doing.

- Paul, Penwortham


Absolutely fantastic service reasonably priced excellent knowledge and a friendly service every credit to your company and staff 👍👍

- mr Ashmore


Water was coming out the manhole cover on our driving and heading for our front door after very heavy rain. Called Red Rose Drains and they arrived within the hour. The blockage in the drain was sorted very quickly and the water drained away. Very friendly and professional. Highly recommended.

- Middleton


Fantastic service, rang in the morning explained we needed to leave for work, it wasn’t a problem we left side gate open , when we got home from work drain had been sorted and we rang and paid over the phone. Fast, efficient and easy to deal with , I would highly recommend this company.

- Kim Kerrigan


They come out within the hour, fixed the problem, cleaned the area. Fabulous. Thank you

- GBrewis


Excellent service. Arrived within 2 hours of my call and cleared the blocked drains quickly, at the quoted price of £60. Pleasant, friendly guys. Definitely recommend.

- MG


Rang at 8.30 this morning and very promptly arrived 40 minutes later to attend my blocked kitchen sink. Which turned out alot more difficult and harder than anticipated due to the pipe work under my kitchen. However the two guys weren't to be beaten and after approx 3 hours on the job, a trip to the plumbers merchant to buy a pipe joint so they could cut into the pipe they managed to reach the blocked pipe and clear the blockage. Very committed to sorting the problem and still only charged me the £60 that was quoted on the phone. Highly recommend this company if you have any sort of drainage issue.

- Andy Privett


First class service. I was let down by another company and when i called red rose they arrived within 20minutes. Friendly and reliable. Great job and good price. No hidden costs. Thank you guys

- Carol


Prompt arrival. The guys did an excellent job in a friendly and efficient manner. Job well done. Thank you.

- David Clasper


Called Red Rose Drains out after calling another firm who quoted £25 then when they arrived asked for another £110 to jet the drain .Dave at Red Rose Drains quoted £60 over the phone to clear the drain, he carried out the work for me as quoted, with no hidden extra costs !!!! I would definitely recommend you call Red Rose Drains only. Polite friendly and no hidden extras . Thanks Paul Moores

- Paul Moores


These guys will go the extra mile. I called them at 9.30 on a Monday morning after we experienced a sewage smell in our kitchen. They where at my door at 12.15 THE SAME DAY. The two lads checked every manhole cover and found that the one by the kitchen was heavily blocked. They worked very hard and where determined to clear the blockage. They completely cleared every drain and gulley within one hour using high a pressure water system. From a price point of view (only £60 all in) these guys are worth their weight in gold. Very professional, polite and cleaned up after they had finished. Recommend? Without hesitation. Cheers guys. Like

- Street Repairs