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Blocked Drains in BurscoughWe have seen a lot of blocked drains in Burscough. Sometimes it’s a simple hair and soap gunk clog in a tub and we can power jet that out easily enough. In some houses, the plumbing to the bathroom sink is vented to the bathtub plumbing so they both share a drain. Customers call and can’t figure out why both the sink and tub are clogged. If you think about it, and few people do, there are a lot of drains in your house. Most homeowners pull the plug or flush the toilet and don’t look back. When your washing machine is on spin cycle you are waiting for the machine to stop. You’re not thinking the machine is draining water into a drain. That’s true until you get a clog and then the drain has your full attention. That’s perfectly natural.

Every sink, tub, toilet, dishwasher, washing machine in your house has a drain that can occasionally develop a block. In Burscough, blocked drains are usually an easy fix. The household drains feed into a main outside your house and into the city sewer system. When multiple drains in your house back up, clearing is a little trickier because the clog is likely in the main. What you want to know is where the clog is. Is it on your property or municipal property in the street? If it’s your property, it’s your responsibility. We find that out with our “Peep n See” closed circuit TV. We can snake it through the drain and locate the location of the clog.

Blocked drains in Burscough that happen to be in the main may be caused by deteriorating drain tiles, tree roots or even dead animals. Yuk! Our team is well-trained and experienced. We’ll dig up the drain pipe and repair or replace the tiles; remove tree roots and other vegetation and create a clear path from your house to the main. There are probably main drain pipes running under your property and street that have been there since the 1940’s. Contact us for any drain clearing issues inside your home or out. We’re on call 24 hours a day so don’t wait; call right away.

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