Blocked Drains in Bolton

Blocked drains in Bolton

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Blocked drains in BoltonBlocked drains in Bolton needn’t be your problem if you’re connected to the right people.

We’ve all seen what a blocked drain does in the town’s streets.Water dams up on the road and many an accident has happened because cars and motorcyclists never expected deep pools on public roads. The water is supposed to drain off the road, into the drain and through a piped system. A blocked drain is frustrating, and in our homes or businesses, foreign objects get trapped inside the drainpipe and the drains block. The worst part is when the toilets block up and the water won’t go down or it rises up and overflows out of the bowl. At Red Rose Drain Clearance we know how unhygienic this can be and we’re here to restore things so that your blocked drains open up again and everything flows as it should.

We are a family run business and we have more than 23 years of experience and skills to offer our customers. In Bolton, blocked drains and their dark secrets are understood by our skilled staff who know just how to sort them out. Just some of the many services we offer include land drainage, new drains laid, drain repairs, drains jetted and cleared, sink and toilet unblocking and much more. Our skilled drainage team operates a fleet of high pressure water jetters to get every job done quickly and efficiently so that it doesn’t disrupt the normal goings-on at your home or business. For any emergency services, we’re available around the clock, night and day.

If you have blocked drains in Bolton and you require prompt, efficient as well as cost effective services, then you need to have our telephone number added to your mobile phone’s contact list. Contact Red rose Drain Clearance if you have a problem with blocked drains. Our team know precisely how to tackle any drainage problems you have with our modern equipment and our splendid knowledge. After a lot of gurgling noises, your drains will suddenly become clear and all will be well again. Whether for routine servicing or for serious drainage problems, we’re here for you.

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