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Blocked Drain in PrestonIt’s the afternoon before your in-laws arrive for the annual week long visit and your bathroom has a blocked drain in Preston. The water in your tub is above your ankles and it’s not going down. What to do? All your mother-in-law talks about is her hot baths with a glass of red wine. She’s either talking about how much she needs the hot bath, can’t wait to take a hot bath or gushing about how great she feels after taking a hot bath. It’s good to be queen. Now all you have to do is figure how to unplug that drain. Red Rose Drain Clearance has cleaned commercial drains, septic drains and wastewater drains running from building to street causing basement flooding.

We can clear your bathtub drain and it won’t take us long. There is no cause for stress in Preston; blocked drain anywhere in your home is usually an easy fix. We are available 24/7 so call when you need to. We have video equipment to locate drain blockages but for a blocked tub drain we rarely need that much information. In most cases a tub clog comprises a gummy soap and hair ball that has built up and won’t move under normal water pressure. Our solution is bring in a high pressure water jet. It’s mounted inside our van and we run a hose from it to your drain, turn on the pressure and blast the clog so it breaks up and moves on. The job is finished quick and clean with little disruption.

A blocked drain in Preston may not always be an emergency but it is always inconvenient. Either way, we’re here at around the clock so contact Red Rose Drain Clearance at any time. We have a large fleet of equipment for both residential and commercial drains so we can get to you quickly. Don’t waste your money on pricey chemical drain products that can irritate your lungs while sitting in your drain doing nothing. Our prices are reasonable for opening a blocked drain. You will have a shiny tub with a free flowing drain hours before your mother-in-law arrives. She’ll get her hot bath to soak away her travel weariness. Don’t forget to pick up the wine.

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