Blocked Drain in Blackpool

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blocked drain in BlackpoolA blocked drain in Blackpool can be a huge inconvenience. Most causes of blocked drains are build ups of waste. Not only is a blocked drain an inconvenience, it can also be a health hazard. Drains are meant to funnel dirty water away from the house, and a blocked drain will lead to backed up dirty water. This is a breeding ground for bacteria, particularly if the dirty water is from a blocked toilet. Drains are seldom thought about as most of them are out of sight. It is only when they become blocked they given attention.

In Blackpool, blocked drain are generally caused by build-ups on the inside of the pipes by substances such as grease, leaves, silt and litter. A good rule to remember is that you should rather bin it, and not flush it. Many people rinse left over food in their sinks, and flush objects that shouldn’t be flushed down their toilets. It is inevitable that the drains will, over time, become clogged with the foreign substances that are being carelessly deposited in them.

A blocked drain in Blackpool needn’t be cause for worry if you contact expert drain cleaning specialists. They have the suitable equipment to flush out the drain, clear the debris and have it working as it should as soon as possible. Red Rose Drain Clearance is a family run company with over 23 years of experience. Give them a ring so they can assist with the blocked drain. They are CHAS approved contractors and are experienced, well qualified professionals. Using the most up to date technology available, their drainage team will inspect the blocked drain and sort out the problem. If you need assistance with a blocked drain, don’t hesitate to contact Red Rose Drain Clearance.

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