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CCTV Drain Survey in BurscoughCCTV drain survey in Preston is used by our team. The reason that it is an important technology is because it saves time, which saves customers money. But even more than that, it can save your landscaping. Before we had the ability to thread a tiny camera through a drainpipe to find the blockage, we just started digging and unearthed the whole drainpipe until we spotted the break or the likely location of the clog. Then we’d lay new tile where needed, dig out the foreign objects surrounding the trouble site. Then we just bury the pipe again. Problem solved except for your landscaping. So much time digging until we could find the location is labour intensive; and costly. So if you dread calling for repairs for fear we’ll dig your whole yard up, don’t worry.

If water is backing up through your basement floor drain, we need to find the location of the cause. For such situations in Preston, CCTV drain survey will identify whether it’s even your problem to deal with. It could be the responsibility of your city’s streets and sanitation departments. We don’t know until we look. Certainly you don’t want the expense if the trouble site isn’t even on your property. One little camera threaded through your drainpipe inside and outside your home will tell us the condition of your drain system. It shows everything so we have only to watch the CCTV monitor and we can tell you if you have drainage issues. Such a survey is welcome when the results show all is flowing as it should.

However, a CCTV drain survey in Preston by our engineers can spot trouble while it’s still easy to fix. If we see tree roots wrapping themselves around the drain we can make the repair before the pipe cracks and breaks, filling with dirt and debris. Clearing drains of all types inside and outside homes and buildings is what we do. But that’s not all we do. We can unclog the drains that carry water away from your house and we build new drain lines. Or, if it’s just a few broken tiles, we can replace that section. Contact us for a CCTV drain survey in Preston. We can assure you if your drains are clear and if not, we’ll remedy the situation for you.

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